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FreeBSD enlightened device drivers for Hyper-V/Azure with FreeBSD source tree


You can now download source for a set of drivers that enable synthetic device support in FreeBSD virtual machines under Hyper-V. The FreeBSD drivers are being released as a public preview for evaluation purposes ONLY.

We are currently preparing them to be included with FreeBSD as part of the FreeBSD core. In the near future we also plan to release ISO images with preinstalled drivers for the latest releases of FreeBSD. For now, our beta quality drivers can be downloaded along with the source code of FreeBSD 8.2 from this site.


When installed in a FreeBSD virtual machine running on Hyper-V, the FreeBSD Integration Components provide.

Driver support: FreeBSD Integration Services supports the network controller and the IDE and SCSI storage controllers that were developed specifically for Hyper-V.

Timesync: The clock inside the virtual machine will intially sync with the clock on the virtualization server in preparation for an external clock source

Integrated Shutdown: Virtual machines running FreeBSD can be shut down from either Hyper-V Manager or System Center Virtual Machine Manager by using the “Shut Down” command.

Heartbeat: Allows the virtualization server to detect whether the virtual machine is running and responsive.

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